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Preformed Thermoplastic

Ennis-Flint, Inc. manufactures and supplies a complete line of preformed thermoplastic pavement markings.

PreMark Video

PreMark® Preformed Thermoplastic

One of the most important reasons customers use PreMark material is that the durable, heavy-duty, intersection grade material greatly increases the life of their pavement marking programs.



HotTape® Preformed Thermoplastic

HotTape preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are specially made for crosswalk, bike path and handicap marking applications and provide flexibility, durability and visibility to help increase the life of a pavement marking program. 


AirMark Durable Markings for Airfields

AirMark® Preformed Thermoplastic

AirMark material is a durable preformed thermoplastic pavement marking for airside use at Part 139 and GA airports.  Whether the need is for linear delineation or horizontal surface signage, AirMark preformed thermoplastic is best suited for markings such as taxiway, hold position, geographic position, vehicle roadway, aprons, ramps, and at aircraft parking and tie downs.


TrafficScapes® Preformed Thermoplastic

TrafficScapes surface system decorative crosswalks are made from durable preformed thermoplastic and enhance safety and aesthetic appeal in streetscape projects. 

Hermosa Beach Pier Project

StreetHeat® Infrared Heaters for Asphalt Stamping by Ennis-Flint Video

StreetHeat® Infrared Heaters

StreetHeat infrared heaters give customers the ability to create an impression in the asphalt surface using a combination of heat, a wire rope stamping template, and a plate compactor.