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StreetHeat Asphalt Stamping Templates

StreetHeat® designs can range from traditional brick patterns to customized motifs and logos. The wide variety of brick, cobblestone and slate stamped asphalt patterns that are used to create the impressions are made from a specially woven and swaged steel wire rope that is flexible and yet durable to withstand the rigors of the compaction equipment used to drive the templates into a hot asphalt surface.

You can now download our wire cable asphalt printing pattern template catalog in PDF format.

In addition to our standard stamped asphalt pattern template designs items, custom template options are also available. Standard templates are always the most economical and efficient solution but if your customer demands a custom solution, Ennis-Flint® can help. Consult with the Design team to find out about options for your streetscape or hardscape project and keep in mind that many installers have found ways to use standard wire rope templates to achieve custom results. Please note that Custom Templates are subject to design and jig fees.

StreetHeat® wire rope cable stamping templates for textured, imprinted and stamped asphalt.

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