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AirMark® Preformed Thermoplastic

AirMark material is a durable preformed thermoplastic pavement marking for airside use at Part 139 and GA airports.  Whether the need is for linear delineation or horizontal surface signage, AirMark preformed thermoplastic is best suited for markings such as taxiway, hold position, geographic position, vehicle roadway, aprons, ramps, and at aircraft parking and tie downs.


Traffic Paint

EF Series Traffic Paint

EF Series traffic paint is based on proven acrylic emulsion technologies. Formulated for use in a wide range of applications from streets and highways to parking lots, waterborne traffic paints can be applied from temperatures as low as 35°F to as high as 120°F. Waterborne paints are suitable for application on both bituminous and concrete substrates and can be sprayed with airless or conventional spray equipment.

EF Series