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Downtown Revitalization with TrafficPatternsXD

Over the last 30 years, city officials and partners have made significant progress in the revitalization efforts in downtown New Brunswick, NJ.

While the central district thrived, conditions in the lower George Street neighborhood needed help. One concern in particular centered around the coexistence of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The insurgence of economic growth was attracting higher traffic volume and safety was fast becoming the topic of concern among city officials.

The City sought out a contractor to provide traffic calming solutions that promoted safety and durability while maintaining the aesthetic synergy throughout New Brunswick’s landscape.

City officials selected Streetscape Services LLC, a partner with Ennis‐Flint, to install TrafficPatternsXD preformed thermoplastic ‐ an extremely durable preformed thermoplastic material with unprecedented wear resistance. As a TrafficScapes Certified Applicator, Streetscape Services LLC installed crosswalks at 5 intersections using

TrafficPatternsXD preformed thermoplastic material, stamped with an offset brick pattern and framed with thermoplastic boundary lines.

These now highly visible crosswalks surrounding George Street combine traffic calming solutions with artistic appeal, increasing pedestrian safety while accenting the revitalization efforts of the New Brunswick community.

Location: New Brunswick, NJ
Applicator: Streetscape Services, LLC
Product: TrafficPatternsXD Impressed Surface System