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TrafficPatterns Crosswalks Come to Schaumburg

The Village of Schaumburg, Illinois was searching for a new standard for future crosswalks across the municipality.  They needed a durable material to handle heavy traffic counts and eliminate the need for maintenance that they dealt with on their typical white liquid applied ladder bar crosswalk.   In addition they wanted the ability to implement a custom design.  TrafficPatterns®  preformed thermoplastic as up for the task, giving the Village of Schaumburg the exact look and durability that they had envisioned. 

This particular application is at a very busy intersection near the biggest shopping center in the Chicago Metro area.  The application crew from M&J Asphalt along with Ennis-Flint® Field Support were able to easily install the crosswalks using the SR-120 StreetHeat® Heater and Flint 2000EX® Heat Torch.