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Bike Box Added in Nashville


A bike box has been added to a Nashville street to make it more bike friendly. It was placed on Church Street at 9th Ave North Thursday. A bike box is a designated area painted at the front of an intersection to create space between cars and cyclists. At a red light, cyclists will be able to move ahead of motor vehicle traffic at the intersection. When the traffic signal is red, drivers must stop behind the white line. Once the light turns green, bikers will move through the intersection first. 

"The bike box is designed to have the car sit back six to eight feet from the intersection and the cyclist will pull in front of them,” said Robert Jongema, who helped set up the bike box Thursday. 

Metro officials hope this will make it easier for drivers to see cyclists at red lights and promote more cycling.

They are also looking at other areas they can add bike boxes to in the future.

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