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Engineered Single Component Traffic Striping Products

Ennis-Flint is a world leader in innovative, high quality road markings and safety products manufacturing a wide array of paint products.  The EF Series Traffic Paint line includes both waterborne and solvent based products for use in a wide range of applications including streets and highways, local roads, and private properties.  These paints are suitable for both asphalt and concrete roadways and can be sprayed with either airless or conventional spray equipment.  Asphalt formulations are engineered to meet your specification whether federal, state, local, or commercial based.

Standard Dry

User friendly traffic marking designed specifically for curbs and parking lots as well as other interior and exterior concrete and asphalt surfaces

Fast Dry

User friendly, high solids, traffic marking formulated specifically for use in both airless and conventional air-atomized striping equipment

High Build

Formulated for increased durability and retroreflectivity through greater film build

Dura Sheen®

Specially formulated to give excellent durability while at the same time being extremely resistant to oil, grease, and other road residues.  Commonly used for curbs.

Extended Season

Fast drying waterborne traffic marking that can be applied at temperatures as low as 35°F

Solvent Based

Formulated for use on streets and highways, local roads and parking lots. Solventborne is especially suitable for colder ambient applications where waterborne traffic paint cannot be used.


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