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One of the most important reasons customers started using PreMark® heavy-duty intersection grade material was that the durability of the material greatly increased the life of their pavement marking programs. PreMark® high performance retroreflective preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are engineered for enhanced visibility, durability and flexibility. PreMark® contains uniformly distributed glass beads throughout the material so that, as the marking wears, new beads are exposed. PreMark® has no minimum road or air temperature requirements and is designed for use in heavy traffic locations where maximum wear and tear is present. PreMark® does not require preheating of the pavement to a specific temperature prior to application.

Heating Indicators

The top surface of all PreMark® material has regulary-spaced indents which provide a visual cue during application that the material has reached a molten state indicating satisfactory adhesion and proper bead embedment has been achieved. The indents also provide a post application visual cue that the application procedures have been followed.


ViziGrip® is a unique feature of PreMark® designed to ensure that skid resistance and retroreflectivity are maximized especially where loss of traction in wet conditions is of major concern.ViziGrip® can be added to any of the PreMark® lines, legends, arrows, and other designs in 90-mil and 125-mil thicknesses.

For enhanced skid/slip resistance, Ennis-Flint recommends using PreMark® with ViziGrip® in areas with pedestrian and cyclist traffic such as crosswalks, bike paths as well as parking facilities using PreMark® for lines, legends, arrows, accessibility symbols, and word legends.

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 Lines, Legends, Arrows
PreMark® Lines, Legends and Arrows are supplied at 125-mil thickness to ensure their desired service life and cost effectiveness. PreMark® linear material is sold in flat packs of 3 ft. lengths and widths from 4 inches up to 24 inches. PreMark® Arrows and Word Legends are available in the FHWA Standard sizes as well as custom designs.

Bike Lane Markings
PreMark® Bike Lane Markings with ViziGrip® provide a safe solution ensuring that both skid resistance and retroreflectivity are maximized. They are available in 90 mil thickness to minimize any "rumble" effect for the bicyclist.

 Accessibility Markings
PreMark® Accessibility Markings with ViziGrip® are virtually maintenance-free and durable enough to last 6 to 8 times longer than painted surfaces. These high-visibility markings are ADA compliant and offer high skid resistance.

Contrast Markings
PreMark® Contrast Markings help improve visibility of pavement markings both day and night on light-colored asphalt and concrete.

 Interstate & Route Shields
PreMark® Interstate/Route Shields help improve traffic flow and safety by providing a clear, concise message to motorists of the proper lanes in which to travel.

In-Lane Rumble Bars
PreMark® In-Lane Rumble Bars provide visual, audible and vibratory awareness to alert drivers to special road conditions or situations that might not be apparent.

Manhole Protection Rings
PreMark® Manhole Protection Rings provide year-round protection against damage to safely transition from the road surface to the top of the manhole or water access cover.

  Two-Layer Stencils
PreMark® Two-Layer Stencils are used when space is limited and the message is great.  The most common examples are Storm Drain Markings which are designed to educate the public and increase awareness about the dangers of pollutants flowing into our water system.

 Bundy & SuperBundy Adhesives
A Bundy® is specifically designed to adhere Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs) to the road surface.
SuperBundy® is specifically designed for adhering large objects on horizontal surfaces such as delineator posts, wheel stops, large "turtle" markers and buttons.



What is a No-Preheat Product?

For a preformed thermoplastic product that does not require preheating, heating to the point of bonding to the road and proper embedding of factory-installed surface elements occurs in a controlled manner only when the pavement surface is at ambient temperature when the product is placed on the pavement. Preheating the pavement for a preformed thermoplastic pavement marking that does not require preheating does not offer the applicator an advantage. In fact, it creates an unnecessarily difficult situation for the applicator, as there is a good chance the factory-installed surface elements will be over-embedded resulting in poor anti-skid and/or retroreflective properties.

What is a Preheat Product?

For a preformed thermoplastic product that requires preheating of the road surface, heating to the point of bonding to the road and proper embedding of factory-installed surface elements (glass beads and/or skid resistant material) occurs in a con- trolled manner only when the pavement surface has been pre-heated to a temperature of approximately 300°F. Additives are used in the product formulation that impede the sinking of the factory-installed surface elements during application and also act as an insulator that inhibits heat transfer when the surface of the material is heated. For this type of material,
if the pavement surface is at ambient temperature (i.e. not preheated) either:
a) sufficient bond will not be achieved with optimal embedment of factory-installed surface elements; or
b) although unlikely, sufficient bond could potentially be achieved by severe overheating of the material surface resulting in heavy charring/damage and less than optimal anti-skid and retroreflective properties In other words, unless the road surface is preheated to a certain temperature the result is certain to be either a poor bond between the material and the road surface or less than optimal retroreflectivity and skid resistance.

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Preheat vs No Preheat
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