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Fast Cure Epoxy

HPS®3 provides durable long line delineation with outstanding adhesion to concrete and asphalt. HPS®3 is a plural component, durable liquid pavement marking system that dries to 100% solid line in ten minutes or less. An application thickness of 20 mils provides two to three times the longevity when compared to paint applied at a similar thickness.  HPS®3 is applied as a 2 to 1 mixture by volume and is available in retro-reflective white and yellow.

Product Benefits:
  • Ready for traffic in under 10 minutes at 75°F
  • Outstanding adhesion to asphalt and concrete
  • Available in retroreflective white and yellow
  • Applied as a two to one mixture by volume
  • Ambient and surface temperature 40°F and rising for application
  • 100% solids formulation resulting in vitually no VOC’s
  • Recommended for streets and highways
  • Good color retention

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